Goatees for Good Eats

Goatees for Good Eats

I recently started a GoFundMe called Goatees for Good Eats. The aim of the campaign is two-fold: to raise funds for the Miami Rescue Mission so that they can provide more meals to those who need them most and to spread awareness about homelessness.

It costs $2.00 to pay for a meal at the Miami Rescue Mission. Our target goal is $300 for an extra 150 meals.

Help men, women, and children this spring.

Miami Rescue Mission

The humorous twist is that I won’t shave my goatee until we hit that goal. As much fun as it is having a goatee, I would like to shave it off before sometime next year. To be honest, I’d love to shave it off by the end of October. So the more quickly we can raise these funds the better! If you want to contribute but are unable just have to donate money, you can still help out in a couple of ways…

To learn more, go to BryanLockley.org.