Bryan Lockley’s General Biography


bryan lockleyBryan Lockley has been an advocate for sports, fitness, athletic conditioning, and athletic competition for as long as he can remember. He currently holds a Bachelors of Science in Fitness and Sports and a Masters of Science in Exercise and Physiology from the University of Central Florida. Using his extensive background in athletics, athletics management, fitness training, and nutrition, Lockley has worked in a variety of roles over the years. His clients include those who are just trying to get into the swing of things with fitness to those who are looking to take their fitness game to the next level. Bryan’s even had the honor of working alongside professional athletes. Throughout all of his career highlights, Bryan has made it a promise to always remember those who have helped him achieve the success that he has.

Bryan Lockley: Starting Out

As a young child he competed in P.A.L sports leagues in his hometown of Port Orange, Florida. During that time he had the pleasure of serving on a number of teams, including Advanced Ordinance, Romano Pontiac GMC, Atlantic Marine Sharks, and many others. Throughout his tenure in the league, these teams amassed many championship seasons and helped pushed him towards greater heights in sports. Bryan attended the Vince Carter basketball camp and won a free throw contest against him and his prize was a brand new pair of his shoes.  As he grew older he played AAU basketball with the Port Orange and Daytona Beach All Stars. They traveled across the Southeast and played against some of best talent in the region. He played guard, forward, and sometimes center because of his athleticism on defense.

The ability to play multiple positions groomed Bryan Lockley for greater competition in high school, where he competed in varsity track, and basketball. In track Bryan ran the 100M, 400×1, 400M, High Jump, and Long Jump. In basketball he played guard, forward, and center depending on the offense and defensive configurations. The 2004 Spruce Creek High School squad was the first team since the 1980’s to make it to the state tournament, where they were ranked in the top 10 for a portion of the season. They finished the season in the sweet 16 against eventual undefeated state champion Orlando Edgewater where they lost by a small margin after being up by 16 points at one point during the game.

It was the lessons that Bryan learned through his experience with his teammates and coaches that Bryan Lockley eventually went off to pursue a career in athletics.

Bryan Lockley: College and Career

Bryan Lockley accepting his Masters in Exercise and Flexology

Bryan Lockley with his parents upon receiving his Masters in Exercise and Flexology.

When Bryan Lockley graduated from Spruce Creek High School, he was accepted into the University of Central Florida to learn more about the game he loved so much. Bryan became a Team Manager for the men’s basketball team while earning his bachelor’s degree in Sports and Fitness. This is where Bryan was able to learn the game from great coaches and players; Kirk Speraw, Craig Brown, Dwight Evans, and Micah Byars. They showed him how much preparation was needed to be successful in competition.  One player that truly stood out was Jermaine Taylor. As a freshman he would come in the game and average a couple points, but the coaching and conditioning from the staff grew him by leaps and bounds over his tenure. Jermaine went from an athletic guard to Conference USA Player of the Year in four seasons.  Bryan was able to watch and have a hand in his progress throughout his career.

For his senior year in college, Bryan Lockley was able to do his practicum with the UCF football team. It was here that his passion for coaching and conditioning came together. Bryan had always been a football fan but he was never really aware of how different it was from basketball because you have so many different positions to train for and so many personalities to deal with. Coach Ellis, Sinclair and Faulk made sure they got the most out of their athletes for the longest period, with the smallest percentage of injuries for a football season. Some of the players to come out of the program during their tenure were NFL players Brandon Marshall, Kevin Smith, Mike Sims Walker, Josh Sitton, Matt Prater, Joe Burnett, Josh Robinson, Terrell Troup Blake Clingan, Bruce Miller, Darcy Johnson, Jah Reid, Storm Johnson, Blake Bortles, and many others.

Sports is an opportunity where Bryan Lockley can tie instruction and competition together to create a program to change lives. Bryan loves athletic competition but now he is an even bigger fan of the dedication and preparation it takes to get to an elite level, maintain it, and create a winning culture that people want to be a part of. The biggest compliment you can receive as a coach or trainer is having someone you never met, seeing your body of work and turning down other opportunities to be a part of your vision and legacy.

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