Florida Prepares for Presidential Campaigns to Arrive

While Florida may make the news for a variety of reasons that rarely every have to do with politics (hello Florida Man), it is still one of the most important states in the union, politics speaking. Florida is probably the most important primary state in the race for the Republican nomination, as well as the general election — but let’s not even worry about the general election yet. It turns out that winning Florida during the Republican primary will award about 100 delegates to the victor, a massive number and enough to either more or less win the race, or at least make a comeback.

This week is going to be huge for both Florida as well as the candidates rolling through it in an attempt to win support and shore up their numbers before the primary election that will take place two months from now. On Monday, as in today, Marco Rubio will be in Sarasota, stumping for one of the first times in his home state. Wednesday will see Donald Trump in Pensacola, speaking in a stadium that can fit 10,000 and, knowing him, very possibly filling it. With other candidates also showing up to stump in the state, Florida is going to be full of politicians for the next two months.

For candidates like Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, Florida is both their home state as well as their last chance to make an attempt to stay in a presidential race in which they have underperformed and polled terribly. For candidates like Cruz and Trump, who are currently polling at the top of their field, they will be aiming to shore up support and win over voters who aren’t already on their side. If neither Jeb nor Rubio perform as they hope to and bolster their numbers, there’s a very good chance that they will no longer be valid actors in this performance that has become the GOP primary race.

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