Bowe Bergdahl Might Be Charged With Desertion

As many people remember from our time in Afghanistan, our soldiers were both killed and captured in the line of duty. One of the most famous, if not the most famous, prisoners of war (POW) was Bowe Bergdahl who wandered away from his camp in the middle of the night and was promptly captured by Muslim terrorist fighters who were affiliated with the Taliban. While the exact story is still up in the air, it is thought that Bergdahl walked away from the protection of his base and was captured by fighters from the Taliban-affiliated Haqqani Network and held by them until his release during which they tortured him.

Now Bergdahl is back home thanks to a government deal that resulted in 5 suspected Taliban militants being released from Guantanamo Bay in return for Bergdahl’s safe return. While the return of one of our soldiers was seen as a good thing by most people, it still caused rancor in those groups of people who believe that Bergdahl is a traitor and the trade wasn’t in our favor. Thanks to those screaming heads, Bergdahl is now being investigated for desertion of his post and may very well face charges regarding to desertion and, if those who are crying for blood get their way, potentially treason.

According to Fox News, an inside source within the military intelligence community has said that Bergdahl is definitely going to be charged and will face jail time for sure. However the second that leak came out, every governmental organization and official who would know about the case disagreed and said that no decision has been made. It seems as though the conservative effort to throw Bergdahl under the bus jumped far ahead of itself and started making up facts pertaining to his case and his life. Either way, regardless of what happens with Bergdahl’s case, the fact remains that his life has probably been ruined and will never be the same. It’s sad when we refuse to rally around a POW, regardless of how and why he got captured.

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