My Top 4 Favorite Florida Beaches

Although summer doesn’t officially start till June 20, anyone in Florida can testify to the season being well underway. Ever Since April, we’ve been getting those 80 degree highs and it’s only going to get hotter. Now if you live in Florida like myself, one thing that you’ve probably started doing is hitting the beach. After all, there’s nothing like a quick dip into the Atlantic Ocean to cool you down. Now I’m in the fortunate position of living right on the beach in Port Orange, but at the same time, I love checking out beaches elsewhere. Variety is the spice of life, right?

Here’s a list of my 4 favorite beaches outside of Port Orange, in no particular order.

Henderson State Park

Way over in the western Panhandle you can find Henderson State Park. I love white sand beaches, but I tend to get a little freaked out if I’m the only one there. Fortunately, Henderson State park has all the white sand goodness while not being totally out in the middle of nowhere.

A small fence and Henderson State Park Flordia

Henderson State Park

Key West

Alright there are a lot of beaches in the keys. And some of them even require using a boat. For more automobile oriented people (like myself) here are a few good drivable beaches:

  • Higgs Beach: Volleyball and tennis courts, great swimming and snorkeling, and even a bike path that goes along the beach
  • Rest Beach: Not too far from Higgs Beach, Rest Beach is a little quieter, but just as beautiful
  • Smather’s Beach: Lots of amenities (minus lifeguards), lots of activity, good people watching, and coconut trees (for shade)
Higgs Beach at Sunset Florida

Higgs Beach

Clearwater Beach

Located on a (car-accessible) island just a hop and a skip from Tampa is Clearwater Beach. There’s a lot to do in town and the water is gorgeous. Not to long ago it was even named one of the best beaches in Florida by USA Today. Whether you’re looking to go into town or just hang on the beach, you’re sure to have a good time.

image of clearwater beach during the day florida

Clearwater Beach

Daytona Beach

You might be wondering why Daytona Beach? In many ways, Daytona Beach is the Myrtle Beach/Coney Island of Florida. It’s where flocks on flocks of people go to vacation. It’s filled to the brim with hotels and miniature golf courses. In most places its crowded and in other places it’s dirty. Well, the truth is, I kind of like it because of all of those things. Fun Fact: Daytona Beach is about 15 minute drive from Port Orange.

daytona peach with a giant pier in the background florida

Daytona Beach

What are your favorite Florida beaches? Let me know @BryanLockley32.